Month: April 2017

European Culinary Star, Simon Smith Launches The Ultimate Balkan Recipe Book

Athens, Greece, ATH – 20 April 2017

The world famous European chef, Simon Smith, the owner of the Smith chain of restaurants across Europe has launched The Ultimate Balkan Recipe Book. The book consists of all the local recipes from the Balkan countries of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, and Turkey.

Simon Smith, the star of the popular long-running travel-cookery show “European Delicacies Galore”, the most famous travel-food show of the century, launched his Ultimate Balkan Recipe Book on 20 April at a gala hosted by his channel CBC in Athens, Greece. The event was attended by the who’s who of the travel and culinary world alike.

Before his travel-cookery show arrived, Simon had been the head chef at a five-star restaurant in Paris. Using the money inherited from his great grandfather, Lord Smith, and in collaboration with a Greek billionaire turned investor, he launched his chain of restaurants, “The Smith Chain of Restaurants” across Europe. Then came his cookery show, the first travel-cookery show of its kind, wherein he traveled through small local areas and cooked with the locals, bringing new European recipes to the fore.

Smith said at the book launch, “European Delicacies Galore was an immensely educational experience for me. I learned about European culture that had been hidden away in small villages across this magical land. The locals taught me about various local ingredients, cooking techniques, and dishes I had never known existed. I have been a chef all my life, and yet what I learned in the five years I worked on my show, is a knowledge of a lifetime.”

Smith has written his book on the Balkan food with the focus to introduce this rich cuisine to the world in ways more accessible than ever before. “I have explained every recipe in grave detail. There is a complimentary DVD where the users can watch me cook every recipe I have documented. You can also purchase certain exotic ingredients that may be hard to find in the market on my website. I have tied up with the local Balkan people to supply me with those ingredients.”

Simon Smith will be holding weekly Facebook Live sessions with his fans and answering any questions they may have regarding his new cookbook. All the documented dishes can also be had at his chain of restaurants. Smith plans to launch his next book on the Scandinavian Palette coming September.

About Simon Smith

Born in Athens, Greece, Smith belongs to a royal lineage of ancestors. In love with the culinary arts since childhood, he decided to choose a different course for his life and went on to become the head chef at the Ritz, Paris. Today he lives with his French wife Pauline, and two beautiful kids Andrew and Nicole in Athens.